What is Speech Problem?

Speech is impaired when it deviates so far from the speech of other people that it (1) calls attention to itself, (2) interferes with communication, or (3) provokes distr the listener. But we are not all considered to be stuttering. Clearly, some speech differences fall into the range of normal variation and are not speech disorder.

What Causes Language and Speech delays in children?

  • A delay in these skills can happen for many reasons, including :
  • Problems with a child’s tongue or the roof of his or her mouth, which makes it hard to form sounds and
  • A learning
  • Hearing loss ( Children who have had a lot of ear infections can have hearing )
  • A developmental disorder, such as Cerebal Palsy or Autism Spectrum

Type of Speech problem

  • Aphasia
  • Articulation
  • Language problem
  • Cluttering
  • Stuttering
  • Fluency Problem
  • Phonological problem
  • Voice Problem

What is Speech Therapy

Training to help child with speech and language problems to speak more clearly.

What does a Speech Therapist do ?

Speech Therapist work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat Speech, Language, Social communication, and Swallowing problems in Children and Adults.

Therapy may include : Swallowing exercises – Swallowing and feeding therapy is designed to enhance Oral-Motor control. Speech Therapists use various techniques to assist with swallowing, including facial massage and lip, tongue and jaw exercises.

Benefits of Speech Therapy

  • Improved Communication.
  • Improve Cognitive Development.
  • Social Skills. Speech Therapy can Support children with their social skill development.
  • Develop Reading and Writing abilities.

Sai Foundation presented new and something different Speech Therapy Activities for kids, who such suffering from Articulation, Aphasia, Swallowing and different kind of Speech disorder-

Whether your child has Speech problem, Suffering with Language problem, Stuttering problem, needs help with Communication, or could benefit from core strengthening exercises.

  • Articulation & Phonology Activities,
  • Massage Activities,
  • Activities for Biting and Chewing Skills
  • Reading Activities,
  • Tongue, Lip and Jaw exercise,
  • Blowing Activities, and more Speech Activities
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