Vivekanand Ray

Mr. Vivekanand Ray

Trustee - Special Educator

Basically a graduate has done his B.Ed in Special Education. He has a vast experience dealing with children with special needs.Initially he had been working with normal kids. He has a wide range of experience with special kids.

Mr.Vivek had worked in Anandham – a residential school for the special where there are students over 18years of age. Having worked over there, he nurtured the feeling that every child has to be trained from the root level.

Vivekanand is a person with an instinct inside to work with special kids. His patience and perseverance are really praiseworthy.

Ms.Nimisha and Mr. Vivekanand have been working together for the last few years and Sai Foundation is their joint venture. Vivekanand Ray can be called the pivot of the Foundation. He is a responsible special educator who works for the overall development of any child. He is well versed in all therapies like OT, Speech, ABA etc.

Needless to say, Mr. Vivekanand is the embodiment of all qualities and qualifications needed for a Special Educator. He is the best guide and tutor in Sai Foundation.

In short, he is wonderful in the world of Special Education. Whatsoever be the problem in a child, Mr. Vivek has the ability to work with it until and unless he reforms the child.

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